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Birdsong Nutrition Farming

Who is this food for? People who want not just the absence of pesticides and heavy metals in their veggies, but also the assurance of complete soil remineralisaion. Currently I am balancing the following minerals to luxury levels; calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, sulfur, iron, manganese, zinc, copper, boron, cobalt, chlorine, molybdenum, selenium and silicon. More recently I have tested chromium, vanadium, iodine and lithium (all found within normal crustal ranges).

You can nominate any place as a pickup point if there are three or more people who are interested in buying organic veggies (and fruit in summer). Just give me a call on 0478146181 or email me at

Pickup Times

Monday to Friday, 11am to 6pm.
Sunday 3pm-5pm

Order online and set a pickup time. We often have a couple of extra veggie options here that won’t be listed on the website because there is not enough to list them on the website or we haven’t got around to listing them yet. Usually these go in the fixed value seasonal boxes especially with the larger orders.

  • Almonds, Raw Organic

  • Apples, Granny Smith 1kg

  • Apples, Red 1kg

  • Apples, Red Starkison Dels seconds, 1kg

  • Apricots Dried – Organic

  • Placeholder

    Avocados, Small Certified Organic, 500g

  • Brazil Nuts, Organic

  • Sale!

    Cacao Butter, Organic

  • Sale!

    Carob Powder, Certified Organic, Australian, 500g

    $9.00 $7.00
  • Cashews, Raw Organic

  • Chia Seeds, Black Organic

  • Coconut 1kg, Shredded Organic

  • Coconut Sugar – Organic

  • Coriander

  • Dates, Organic, 1kg

  • Delivery Run (FRIDAY 15th November, 12:30pm-2pm for orders $50+ in Toowoomba)

  • Delivery Run Wednesday 13th November 4-5pm for orders $50+ in Toowoomba (4350)

  • Dill

  • Figs, Mini Dried Organic

  • Garlic Chives

  • Leek

  • Maple Syrup, Organic 1L

  • Mesclun (Mixed lettuce)

  • Oats, Rolled, Certified Organic, 1kg

  • Olive Oil, Australian, Certified Organic, Extra Virgin Cold Pressed, 1L

  • Placeholder

    Onions, Birdsong Seconds (small), 1kg

  • Onions, Red and Brown Mix, 1kg

  • Sale!

    Organic Free Range Duck Eggs, 1 dozen

    $10.00 $8.00
  • Parsley Bunch

  • Pepitas, Styrian Organic

  • Potatoes – Dutch Cream

  • Rainbow Chard

  • Rosemary

  • Salt, Australian Macrobiotic 1kg

  • Seasonal Mixed Box

  • Shallots – bunch

  • Soap – Hand made

  • Sultanas, Australian Organic

  • Placeholder

    Sunflower Seed Kernels, Certified Organic, 500g

  • Sweet Potato, Certified Organic 1kg

  • Thyme

  • Walnuts, Organic

  • Zucchini Romanesco, Cocozelle and Black Jack, 500g


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