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August 2016

What’s in a Name?

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Birdsong Logo“What should we call our farm?” The question had been circling us for months. Ideas had come, and often quickly been dismissed. Nothing to that point had sounded as though it really encompassed what we were doing. I had been impressed with ‘Singing Frogs Farm,’ the name of a similar farm in the USA. Though the name didn’t directly say what they were selling or what they were about, the name did create a mental image of a place where there is balance, health and biodiversity. All qualities that we’re all about here on our farm.

Rick is an avid reader, and also a tireless learner. His latest book at that point, Secrets of the Soil, had a chapter on ‘sonic bloom.’ I’d never heard of it, but the concept of the birds song and involvement in an ecosystem actively benefiting the plants made perfect sense to me. Because everything is connected, so of course that beautiful morning chorus the birds deliver could be doing more than just making a pretty sound to wake up to. And of course even the beating wings causing certain air currents over the plants could be a beneficial part of the plants health.

“Plants, says Steiner, can only be understood when considered in connection with all that is circling, weaving and living around them.” Secrets of the Soil, p. 129

“Birdsong Market Garden!” I enthusiastically suggested to Rick. When I hear that name, I see a place that’s alive, that’s thriving and peaceful and vibrant with colour. A place filled with nutrient dense vegetables. We quickly asked some friends and family their honest opinion on the name, and every single response was affirmative. Birdsong it was.

With the knowledge of the birds importance in our lives, we’ve been planting extra trees, especially of the leptospermum species, to encourage more of our feathered friends to abide here. We’re already blessed to hear a lovely array of birds in song each morning as we wake…accompanied by the odd rooster crowing! But now we look forward to even greater variety…coming soon.