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Sowing and Reaping

By October 8, 2016Nutrition

I’m shocked that this massive structure is in our yard! Shocked in a pleasant way, that is.

Back when Rick quit his engineering to become a market gardener, I really felt God was encouraging me to be generous. Not to think that because we’d just lost our secure income that we needed to be more stingy, but rather the opposite. Be generous. So we kept on giving, and just as the bible says, we’re reaping what we’ve sown. It’s amazing.

That picture above, is the new solar bore pump setup. Rick’s mate Randall, an electrician from Charleville, came up for the week especially to install this for us. Rick had done some engineering work for him, and in return he spent a whole week here working on the trenches and everything else associated with getting this irrigation setup established. I think we were more blessed by his help than he was by ours!

Normally we don’t really have much space for guests, as any of Rick’s siblings who have stayed here (and experienced a mattress on the lounge room floor!) could tell you. But now, thanks to my cousin Steve and his wife Lizzy, we have their caravan parked here indefinitely as a spare room. So Randall had a real bed while staying here for the week. The caravan- another blessing.

Randall has brought his trencher here, but it was still a bit slow with the amount of work they had to achieve, so our neighbours, Paul and Julie (who own Toowoomba Trenching) loaned us their excavator! They have been so generous to us, also loaning us their grader a while back to prepare our paddock for the market garden.

We’ve been really blessed by all this rain too. Drought is such an everyday part of Australian farm life it seems, but the year we start this garden, we have regular and beautiful rain!

We’ve also had help. Starting a business, especially a business in which there’s not income for quite some some, means we can’t hire help…we can’t even pay ourselves yet! But sometimes Rick needs help getting structures built etc. So it was amazing when his friend Dave offered to help now and then and all he wants in exchange is some produce from the garden!

Rick’s mum has helped us out taking trailer loads of debris away to the dump for us.

And then we’ve also had help getting the equipment we need from Rick’s dad. All these things people have done for us have made it possible for Birdsong to become a reality. So thank you to those who have helped, and I hope this post is an encouragement to everyone that God really means it when He says you’ll reap what you sow. If you give into people’s lives, you will be given to yourself 🙂

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    Rick and Rachael
    Thankyou for the kind comments .
    I must say that my visit to your farm was a blessing in disguise , it most defiantly eliminated some of the day to day stress that I am subjected to and helped me realised the poor physical condition that I am in , even though I quiet willingly tried to mask it with blaming the mild dose of the a flue I had managed to catch off my lovely wife before I left , God bless her as with out her support it would be hard for me to even partake in these excursions .
    I will say that it was an absolute pleasure to get to know your family better and you have 6 beautiful children , who helped me immensely at times , I think it was a credit for Rick to tolerate some of my poor temperament at times and with good guidance from God and my lovely wife I may some day qualify for his blessing .
    Even though we didn’t exchange a lot of spiritual interaction , I still believe it is hard to not be blessed by your families company .
    As the week proceeded and I got to understand what Ricks vision is and what his very intellectual understanding for the whole high nutrition food concept is , I was astounded to learn the benefits of these concepts , I was also impressed with the vision that he has for developing a low cost model for future organic market gardeners and out of all the friends that I have shared his vision with I haven’t found anyone that doesn’t want access to good healthy , good tasting produce !!!

    Thankyou once again for the kind comments and may God bless you with a very productive farm .

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