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(Almost) Gone With the Wind

By December 20, 2016Nutrition

What a weekend we had! Saturday is usually our day off, but the shade net over the market garden plot was still unfinished. Storms were forecast for Sunday, so we got out there and worked. Rick’s Mum got out there and helped us. Then our lovely neighbours turned up to help too.

Much was achieved.

But we still couldn’t get it finished.

Rick’s Dad stayed the night and helped Rick for half a day on Sunday, but it still wasn’t complete.

And then the storm came…but it was all wind and little to no rain…and it hurt. I’d been to visit a friend, and came home to find we’d sustained substantial damage to the framework. Agh!

We haven’t photographed it yet, but it was disheartening, for Rick especially, to head up the paddock and discover several poles dangerously bent, and several more completely snapped at the welds. Wow.

All those hours in the summer heat building this structure, and then comes damage that will add many more hours of sweating it out to get it repaired and complete. Our seedlings await transplanting!

But, I must say we’re thankful that was the only damage, and hope that those who lost the roofs of their homes or had their cars squashed by branches on the weekend in that same storm are doing ok. At least our damage was nowhere near our home or our children!

And I’m also thankful for all the help we’ve had. So many people have freely given their time to help with this project! We’ve been the recipients of much kindness, and I thank you all who have showed up to help, especially when it has freed me up to be with the children. Some days when Rick has needed me out there have been hard to juggle when there’s also 6 children to look after.

Until next post…


  • Michele says:

    Sorry to hear that, Racheal. It was certainly windy here before the rain started but there was no damage. The nearby houses would have provided some protection from the wind I guess unlike where you live. I do hope that the weather stays cool enough in the next few weeks for you to be able to fix up the damage without having to cope with the heat and humidity as well.

  • I could not refrain from commenting. Exceptionally well written!

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