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January 27, 2017

See How They Grow

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Well! It was a pleasant surprise this morning as I headed down to the house from the market garden, to turn back and see how everything is progressing!

Especially as I got a glance of the photos of the paddock before all this started. Wow! So much has happened. Ah, the many blessings of being married to a workaholic…hahaha.

It’s been a while since I posted pics of how he garden is coming along. Every week people ask how long until the crop is ready (nice to know there’s customers waiting!). Autumn. We should be ready to sell in Autumn.

Almost everything is growing rapidly and vibrantly. Carrots are the exception. We never realised that some ants have a fetish for carrot seed. Did you know that? Rick literally planted them out and then checked back in 10 minutes and see ants carting our carrot seed away! So not many of those managed to germinate.

But as for crops like melons, corn, tomato, cucumber, and pumpkin…they’re thriving!

So what you see in the above photo, is one of Rick’s massive time savers…weed mat. The veggies love the compost mix Rick made…but so do the grass and the weeds. The black mat keeps prepared beds weed free until we’re ready to plant them out. The white mat is used on some planted crops, particularly those that aren’t high density, to suppress the weeds.

We’re trialing tomatoes both ways…weed mat and without weed mat. More on that later.

The sheep are no longer allowed to roam the paddock. We usher them next door each day to graze, and have to keep them moving up there at a steady pace so they don’t nibble any bean or corn crops along the way! The gaze longingly at the pasture that’s regenerating since Rick’s compost mix was spread over it, but will have to settle for ordinary pasture for now.

You ‘d be amazed how the 12% shade netting along with Rick’s compost mix boost plant growth! It’s incredible how our struggling old paddock has transformed into this oasis of life-even with little rain.

Until next post….

Shalom, Racheal