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February 2017

Pinocchio Eggplant

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Isn’t he cute?!

I had to laugh when the morning visit to the trellis patch to collect cucumbers resulted in finding this rather odd little eggplant ready to harvest! Not sure I’ve ever seen an eggplant with a pinocchio nose before! The children were thrilled and ran to blu-tac some googly eyes on for a picture.

And while we’re on the topic of unusual vegetables, here’s our Siamese twin cucumber, harvested the same week as Pinocchio.

The “muncher” variety of cucumbers have been our favourite so far. Sweet, crisp and suitably juicy. The Poinsett cucumbers however, have been struggling with the heat and getting some bitterness. The white cucumbers have been completely bitter (also from the heat). Even peeled they weren’t salable. So our chooks have been living on a staple diet of long white cucumbers! No waste around here! Though it was a shame to have to give about 15kg a week of cucumbers to chickens.

Some people have been asking about our farm gate stall. It’s not open yet. Due to the fact the cucumbers came on early but just about nothing else is ready yet, we’ve just been selling cucumbers directly to friends. The farm gate stall SHOULD open this Autumn. And we plan to have remote eftpos facilities.

The melons and pumpkins are almost ripe. Did you know honeydew melons start to smell like a melon (uncut) when they’re ripe? and they haven’t reached that point yet. And watermelons gain a sheen, as opposed to the powdery finish they have when they’re not yet ripe. It’s driving our ever hungry 6 year old crazy to see all these melons that look the right size, but aren’t ready to eat!