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‘Skin of the toad’

‘Santa Claus melon’

‘Christmas Melon’

That’s Piel de Sapo. Don’t be put off by the reference to toad skin! This is only because piel de sapo’s skin is deep green and mottley, kind of like toad skin.

A big hit in Spain, but little known in our region. I must confess I can’t remember ever seeing or hearing of one before. Looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more of them, after this weeks taste test though!

Rick found one ripe and was so impressed with the flavour he contacted me right away to say it was like a ‘honeydew sorbet.’ The children and I did the official taste test when we got home that afternoon and were suitably impressed. It’s kind of like a honeydew, but like Rick said…a bit like sorbet too. It’s sweet, but not as intensely sweet as honeydew…that sorbet type kick is has gives it something special over the other melons.

Our eldest daughter thinks it’s the best melon she’s ever tasted, and will likely be reluctant to let us sell them!

Piel de sapo is a little smaller than a honeydew too, so great for those who don’t have much spare room in the fridge or don’t have too many mouths to feed (can’t you tell it’s the mother of a large family speaking here?!). Also great for those who take one bite and then can’t help but to eat the whole melon in one sitting!

So if you’re up for trying something new, piel de sapos will be harvested and available this week!

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