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Beloved Candles

It’s incredible how much of a toxic load we are faced with in our day to day activities and lifestyles.

It feels like almost every week we learn of another thing in our lives that’s doing damage to our health and vitality. Earlier this year Rick was reading about the effects of the blue and green light emitted from electronic devices and what that does to our eyesight and sleep patterns. Not good. This of course lead him to reading about the benefits of using natural forms of lighting, such as candles as a healthier alternative. But then further reading brought up a lot of info on how toxic ‘regular’ (paraffin) candles are for you and the air around you!

Turns out pure beeswax candles are the safe alternative. Did you know they actually clean the air? Negative ions are released from the beeswax as it burns (in spite of the name ‘negative’ ions are great for you and you can attract them by going outside in the rain too!), and as the dust, pollen, pollutants etc in the air are suspended there by a positive charge, the beeswax causes them to be drawn to it and then they’re neutralised. Nice 🙂 And apparently these are the only candles to do this.

There are stories out there of people who suffer from hayfever and asthma finding relief by burning pure beeswax candles in the room they sleep in or are working in.

Beeswax candles burn with very little smoke, are non-toxic, have no chemical processing, are carbon neutral and biodegradable. They have the highest melting point of all waxes, which leads to a longer burning time.

One question you’ll likely want to ask if you haven’t researched these candles before is “why are they so much more expensive than other candles?” Well, paraffin is a petroleum based product and very cheap to produce. Whereas beeswax can cost about ten times what a paraffin candle does, because bees have to fly about 150,000 miles to collect enough nectar to make about 6 pounds of honey which will yield about 1 pound of wax. If you’ve looked around our website a bit, you’ll have seen we keep bees at Birdsong. And I can testify that when we harvested 5kg of honey, we only got about 200g of wax! It’s precious stuff!

So Rick considered buying or making some beeswax candles. If you’ve met Rick you’ll know he’s a man of many projects. This is what what can happen when ADHD boys grow up…hahaha. Anyway, he’s got too much going on to be making candles, so it was very welcome news when our friend David announced he was now making 100% pure beeswax candles to sell. Now, when you buy ‘pure’ beeswax candles in stores, sometimes you’re only getting about 50% beeswax and the rest is a cheaper filler (like paraffin). I can tell you that David’s candles are genuine pure beeswax candles. The wick is the only thing in there that isn’t beeswax!

We’re presently stocking Beloved Candles at our farm gate store. Prices range from $2-$60 depending on the size. $2 being a tealight candle (larger than most tealight candles I’ve ever used) and $60 being for a very weighty pillar candle. Most of the candles are $30 and under and there are about 9 sizes/designs to choose from.

I will point out that at the moment we can only accept cash payments for these, not card. This is just until David gets an electronic method sorted out for his business…it will mess us up at tax time if we put the candle sales through our accounting/POS software!

So if you’re looking to try some air-purifying, ambiance-adding beauty into your home, give Beloved Candles a try!

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