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Also at the Farmgate- Essential Oils

Chances are you’ve heard the buzz about essential oils. They’re gaining popularity fast…but they’re nothing new. Being a reader of the Bible, I’d heard names like frankincense, myrrh, hyssop, spikenard, cassia and the like many times but for a long time not realised how incredible the essential oils of these plants are!

Put very simply, essential oils are the life force of a plant, gently distilled and bottled to be used for healing, cleansing and vitality. We’ve used them for years, but only in the past 2 years have used pure therapeutic grade oils. There is most definitely a difference. We were skeptical to start with, especially Rick! He thought the expensive oils were all just a marketing ploy until I gave him a cheap ebay lemon oil and asked him to smell it, and then to smell a doterra lemon oil. I did the same experiment with peppermint oil. That silenced him, and he eventually added “you can smell a filler oil in the ebay ‘essential’ oil.” Yes, the therapeutic grade oil had a strong and lively scent while the ebay generic oils were like a watered down and dull scent.

So we started trying the doterra oils for all sorts of ailments in our family of 8. I was especially impressed by DigestZen, which alleviated two of my daughters tummy pains within literally seconds. It worked just as well for me when I had gastro pains one day.

And helicrysum oil! Wow! It stops bleeding! So when my 9 year old accidentally swung a maddock into his little brothers face (!!) and split his lip, I grabbed that helicrysum and dropped one drop into the lip and the bleeding stopped right away.

I could tell you a lot more stories of how these oils have helped us…but the point I’m getting to is that if you’re interested in natural/alternative health care and first aid, talk to me. I have a selection of oils in stock here at the farm gate stall, and also can do 1ml sample vials (free, unless it’s for a particularly costly oil) so you can try for yourself before deciding to buy anything.

I also carry copies for sale of Modern Essentials 8th edition. This is the book to have if you want to be using essential oils regularly. It lists what each oil is good for, what to use for each type of ailment and links to studies on each oil too.

It’s important to note that essential oils aren’t a cure-all in themselves. Nothing replaces a healthy diet and looking after yourself properly. As an example, there was no oil that could fully alleviate the symptoms I faced after eating gluten back when I had an autoimmune disease. I had to watch what I ate and deal with the emotional and spiritual root of the illness to be healed. But when it comes to promoting healing in a lot of other areas, like colds, wounds etc…the oils are amazing! Just be aware of that 🙂


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