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Birdsong Classes

I love homesteading. There’s something very satisfying about making things from scratch, living out of town and raising animals and growing our own veg. For years we’d dreamed about doing this and before we even planned on moving out here I started learning various skills like bread making, cheese making, soap making and how to make our own cleaning and toiletry products.

But back then I didn’t know about groups like Simple Living Toowoomba where you can go to a class to learn these sorts of things. It was just the local library, google and I! Any new skill I desired had to be learned from books…though I must give credit to my good friend Jen who taught me how to make soap.

So knowing that not everyone learns effectively through reading and books, the idea to teach various DIY skills classes to others interested in this sort of lifestyle and these sort of skills came to mind. Once a month we’ve been holding classes here…things like soap making, homemade cleaning products, homemade self-care and beauty products, using essential oils for DIY healthcare, making bone broth and things like that. Eventually maybe Rick will teach some home gardening and self sufficiency courses too.

We’re keeping costs down…usually around $10 per person per class. We’ve lived on welfare before and know what it’s like to live on a shoestring, so I like to keep classes at a cost that’s affordable to pretty much everyone!

If this sort of thing interests you, please contact us via this website and we can let you know next time a class is on. Alternatively, join the Simple living Toowoomba mailing list. They hold monthly classes, usually $5 per person and cover a wide variety of skills. Their classes are held one Saturday morning a month, great for those who work during the week. Our classes are always on a weekday, catering to those who can’t do weekends.

Some other classes I hope to run this year are:

-making beeswax wraps (eco alternative to cling wrap)

-making sense of Nourishing Traditions (for those who want to improve their gut health but are intimidated by this cookbook/lifestyle!)

-making DIY chalkboard frames (rustic upcycling)

-soap making

-sausage making

So like I said, contact us if you’re interested in learning some more back to basics DIY skills 🙂

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