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In Season: Red Russian Kale

[fancy_box image_url=”6661″ color=”Accent-Color”]Growing up, I don’t think we ever ate kale…I doubt I’d even heard of it. Now it’s all the rage, and when you see how versatile and nutritious kale is, it’s no wonder why.

Kale is a winter crop, and even thrives on light frosts (so it’s loving our garden right now!).



Ever heard of the Dirty Dozen? It’s a list of the 12 most risky fruits and vegetables to buy conventionally. They are the ones with the highest numbers and concentrations of toxic sprays. Kale is on that list. As a matter of fact, up to 55 different chemicals have been found in varying degrees on conventionally grown kale (you can check it out at

We grow it organically here and the only pest we find on it is aphids, which are gently washed off in a bubbler with water. It’s like giving the kale a soft spa bath in pure water. This means the kale is ready to use straight out of the fridge, whereas conventionally grown kale comes with the advice to be washed and then swished in a saline solution for 10-15 minutes to remove dirt, fungicides and chemicals!

How do you use Kale? I love to just slice it up and saute it in butter with zucchini, rainbow chard, carrots or whatever else is in season and in the fridge! Then add some salt and pepper and you have a very tasty green side dish. A classic French variation is to add some garlic and balsamic vinegar to the mix….mmmm, this is making me hungry.

Otherwise you can slice or puree it and add it to soups.

Or smoothies.

Or use it raw in salads…or chopped up in frittatas, quiche or savoury muffins.

Or make yourself some kale chips.

Loads of options! So this winter, why not give this green nutrient powerhouse a go? 🙂

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