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June Soap Making Class

By June 18, 2017Nutrition

Did you know?

Soap making is actually pretty easy, and most people are only afraid of the fact that caustic soda is used in the process.

But avoiding soap making because of caustic soda is like avoiding driving a car because you might have an accident. Just take a few safety precautions and you’ll be fine!

Here at Birdsong we run soap making classes now and then. Often the people who eat organic produce are the people who care about what chemicals go into their beauty and cleaning products, and often are also people who are keen to try some DIY projects. So it makes sense to offer some DIY classes at our farm.

Sure you might not use a whole lot of soap in your own household, but I love how soap can be personalised and made into beautiful gifts. So handy to have a batch of homemade soap in the cupboard for emergency birthday presents!

Our soap making classes cover basic cold process soap making. I love how this process uses 4 ingredients that are easy to source (your supermarket generally has all of them), uses pretty basic kitchen equipment, takes only about half an hour to prepare…and then can be very customised if desired, using clays, oils, herbs, spices and even food!

We will be hosting a soap making class in the upcoming winter school holidays. Cost is $10 and you’ll go home with an instruction sheet and bar of homemade soap to try.

And of course, veggies will be available to buy after the class also.

If you are interested to find out more, email me at racheal@birdsongmarketgarden.com.au

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