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July 5, 2017

Plastic Free July

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How you can make a diference at Birdsong

As you’ll see in the photos, we’re definitely not purists in our waste reduction efforts.

But we’re getting there. Reusing glass bottles, making our own beeswax wraps instead of cling wrap, using eco mesh bags for some of our produce, and reusable stainless steel straws for smoothies are some of the efforts we’ve adopted.

But then there’s the market garden. That gets a little harder! We have a handful of plastic-free customers who we are happy to accommodate, and would be happy to see more. But as a business, do you know it can be hard to buy packaging that is eco-friendly, and yet not so expensive that is pushes the price of the produce up?

We do have several sizes of paper bags, but these are only good for certain items. Anything too moist, and it disintegrates the bag! And there’s a lot of energy/water etc that’s pretty much wasted in the process of making paper too.

We also have cardboard boxes (and often reuse boxes that we received mail or other items in for veg orders).

We also have reusable mesh produce bags from which are available for sale for $2ea here. These are strong, washable and breathable. The reason Rick chose these over cotton bags is because there’s actually a lot more of a negative environmental impact in the production of the cotton bags. And the cotton wears out faster.

For Plastic Free July, we are now offering 1 free reusable mesh produce bag for every $20 you spend 🙂

Rick and I have talked about how to incorporate more use of eco friendly packaging. We’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas! At the moment I can handle transferring peoples produce into their own bags, but as the customer base builds and we get busier, it’s too time consuming to do this.

But right now, the best ways you can help to reduce waste with your veg at Birdsong is to BYO box, green bags, eco produce bags…and, to let us know if you are happy to have your veg packed loose into a box for you to repackage yourself at home.

So for us, Plastic Free July is a great time to ponder these things and see what you all think too!