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July 7, 2017

Sourcing Local Produce in Toowoomba

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As Local as it Gets

We are very blessed in Toowoomba to be right next door to a vast array of vegetable farms. The Lockyer Valley is just full of them.

BUT, with the ever growing food-miles-consciousness, some are looking for produce that’s so close it’s practically on their doorstep…in their own backyard. And looking for produce that’s not only spray-free, but grown in soil that’s also not subject to overspray from nearby conventional farms.

This is where we can help. Birdsong Market Garden is only 8.9kms from Grand Central, Toowoomba…about a 13 minute drive. Close hey?

Our neighbours are not farmers, and therefore are not spraying anything nasty that could possibly waft onto our veggies.

Our soil has been analysed and is in the process of remineralisation (the minerals, microbes etc have already been added to the soil, but the assimilation can take time…already we are seeing great results!).

The only place this produce travels before you get it is from our back paddock to the cold room (less than 100 meters), and it travels there on a harvest cart that Rick pushes along by hand. Most produce is stored in the cold room for a maximum of 7 days, and then it is replaced with a fresh harvest. The exception to our 7 day rule is long storage crops like root veggies which obviously can live happily in the cold room much longer.

If you are a cafe/restaurant looking for local, seasonal, organic produce, we can help. Or if you are simply someone wanting to buy nutritious farm gate produce in the Toowoomba area, we can help.

We’re open every afternoon from midday-6pm (except Saturday) and you are welcome to drop in, check out the produce and find out more. Contact details are on the home page 🙂