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July 10, 2017

Fermentation Bee

By Farm Gate StallNo Comments

Is there such a thing as a ‘fermentation bee’? There’s quilting bees, freezer parties (where you get together and make meals for the freezer) and the men of old had barn raisings. So, why not have a fermentation bee?

Our recent harvest has included a lot of sugarloaf cabbage, carrot, beets, chilies and other veg that just screams out ‘ferment me!’

My eldest two daughters and I have made what felt like a mountain of kimchi and various krauts already and I had the thought maybe there’s some people out there who’d like to come over and join us for a fermenting afternoon?

The proposal is this, you come along with your own chopping board, knife and glass jars and we provide the veggies, salt and some seasonings.

Here’s the details:

Fermentation Bee

Sunday 16th July, 1:30pm at Birdsong Market Garden (118 Boundary St, Cranley)

Cost: $40. This includes organic veg like cabbage, carrots and beets from our garden, himalayan pink salt, organic herbs from our garden and help if you are new to fermenting!

You need to bring: glass jars with lids (ie 2x1L vacola jars or 4x 440g tomato paste jars), a LARGE bowl, chopping board and knife (and a grater if you’d like to use carrot/beet)

Bookings Essential! And numbers are limited to 5. Even though we have a huge dining table, fermenting takes up lots of space!

How to book: I’m about to add this class as an item on our web store. So you will be able to buy and pay online. This will also show you if there are spaces available or not. If for some reason you have trouble with this, email me at and we’ll work it out from there!