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July 18, 2017

Cauliflower Rice

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Crates of purple cauliflower. That’s what I was faced with in the cold room the other day. Yes, it’s been selling (who wouldn’t want purple vegetables?!), but there’s so much of the stuff that we needed a new way to use it.

One customer mentioned she was making cauliflower rice with her cauliflower, so we decided to give that a go.

It’s so easy! You just remove the bulk of the stem from the cauliflower, grate the rest (we simplified things and used the food processor) and then heat a few tablespoons of oil/butter on the frypan or a large saucepan and gently cook the cauliflower ‘rice’ for 6-8 minutes. We also added some garlic for a flavour boost. Rick and I loved it. The children were a little disappointed they couldn’t have ‘real’ rice with the butter chicken…but they got over it!

And I did have a pic of the finish product…but it mysteriously disappeared from my phone!

What about you, how do you like to use your cauliflower? I notice on the menu for Little Seed Restaurant is fried cauliflower wings in sesame and lime…sounds amazing!