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Update- Potential PCYC Markets Stall

It had always been a consideration of ours…having a stall at the markets. But getting the business going and the constant input the garden needs had kept the idea on the back burner.

But this past few weeks we’ve been gearing up to finally take our produce to market 🙂 Though we love having people collect their produce directly from us (and we’ll still be doing that), we totally get that for some people, adding another trip to their week to collect produce is difficult. But the markets are great, because you can generally get all your produce in one hit.

So we’re aiming to have a stall at the Sunday PCYC markets soon…within a month, but hopefully more like within a fortnight. The gazebo/marquee has arrived, and now we just need a little more equipment and we’ll be good to go.

An added bonus is that we carry electronic payment facilities, which hardly any vendors offer at the PCYC markets. There’s also not a lot of organic produce there yet…it’s mostly conventionally farmed produce from the Rocklea markets. So hopefully our local, organic produce from mineral enriched soil will take off there!

We welcome any ideas and feedback 🙂

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