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Oh it feels like it’s been a long wait! Earlier this year we bought a flock of Welsh Harlequin ducks, because I wanted more eggs and had read about the nutritional superiority of duck eggs over chook eggs…especially in regards to tooth remineralisation.

So we got our flock. And waited. And waited. Most of the ducks were born December ’16, so weren’t of laying age yet, but two of them were of age and still we had no eggs.

Now in the past week, we’ve struck gold. All the ducks seem to be laying and we even have surplus.

Duck eggs are hard to find, looking online I couldn’t see anyone selling them in the Toowoomba region!

We will have 1-2 dozen a week available to sell. They’ll be $10 dozen (it’s common to pay about $1 per duck egg when you can find them) and the ducks diet consists of high protein grain mix that’s been 48 hour-fermented, organic veg scraps from our garden, insects they forage from the paddock and dam that they free-range in and sometime a bit of milk kefir.

How are duck eggs any different to chicken eggs? They’re bigger, they’re higher in fat, higher in calories, higher in omega 3 fatty acids, higher in protein, have much larger yolks, have much harder shells and a richer flavour.

Due to our limited supply, the eggs won’t be on our online store…so just ask us if you’re interested and we’ll let you know what’s available.

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