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Nourishing Traditions Intro Workshop

Nourishing Traditions Intro Workshop

Bone broth, kefir, kombucha, soaked grains, activated nuts, DIY baby formula, cultured cheeses, raw dairy, fermented foods and beverages and more. Though these items are slowly becoming household names, some are still unfamiliar and even confusing to people.

Nourishing Traditions is the reference book and cookbook based on research by Weston A Price in the 1930’s. He was a dentist with a passion for researching diets of traditional/untouched people groups around the world (who happened to have 99% perfect dental health) and this book puts his findings into practice. This type of lifestyle is especially of interest for people with gut disorders.

In this workshop we’ll demonstrate how to prepare these foods/drinks, sample them and look at ways to heal and nourish your body through diet.

When? Wednesday August 23rd, 1pm

Where? Birdsong Market Garden, 118 Boundary St, Cranley, 4350

Cost $20 per adult and you’ll go home with an info sheet and an item to get you started (ie jar of sauerkraut, or a kombucha scoby, or a jar of milk kefir)

Contact Racheal Cameron or 0431696234 to book or for more info

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