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Fruit, Nuts, Cacao and Oil

By September 6, 2017Farm Gate Stall

What a week! The flu hit, so Rick has been sicker than ever before and spent 4 days in bed. The children had it too, but it was refreshingly quiet having 4 of them spending most of 2 days sleeping! Rick’s still too exhausted to get back outside to the farm work.

We’re desperate for rain, and buying hay for the sheep, but they’re eating it so fast! They’d totally gorge themselves if we let them at the whole lot at once.

Then we had a fox/dog attack. We didn’t see them, but the lone head of one of my lovely Welsh Harlequin ducks in the chook enclosure gave it away. Three ducks were taken. Such a shame…we have three drakes that are surplus and need to go, but it’s the laying ducks that were killed!

In brighter news, we’ve got some organic/insecticide free bulk food items that have arrived and are being added to our store. This is especially good timing since we’re between seasons with the crops so the range is dwindling.

We have available:

Activated almond meal, insecticide free @$15/kg

Maple Syrup, organic @$25/L

Macadamia oil, premium Australian @$15/L

Cacao powder, organic @$19/kg

Dried apricots, organic @$19.50/kg (these are amazing!)

Walnuts, insecticide free @$20/kg

I also have organic extra virgin coconut oil in bulk @$15/L, but you really need to BYO container for it, we’re running out! And trying to avoid excess packaging in the war on waste.

So I hope nobody is too inconvenienced by the smaller fresh produce range…we’ll make up for it with the Spring/Summer harvest as it comes! There’s going to be some amazing produce then. 🙂

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