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Birdsong Drakes looking for a new home!

By September 12, 2017Market Garden

We’re overstocked with drakes! If you’ve ever kept ducks…or chooks for that matter, you probably noticed that you need to have a much higher ratio of girls than boys. One male goes a long way in a flock. After last weeks fox attack, we have 50/50 girls to boys. That’s way too many drakes, so we have three beautiful Welsh Harlequin drakes up for sale. This breed is dual purpose, so they can be eaten (though I advise brining the meat for a day before roasting it for best results). Or they can be kept as pets and have a reputation for devouring snails and slugs in the garden. They also poo everywhere, so make a mess in the average backyard. We used to keep a few drakes when we lived in town and they used one of those blue clam shell wading pools as their pond. This was fantastic for the lime tree, as when we changed their water, the old water (full of duck poop etc) was emptied at the base of the lime tree and that tree absolutely flourished!

They’re $10 each, or we’ll do you a deal if you want all three.

The drakes in this picture are the dark ones with the greenish heads.

Email or message me through this website if you’re interested!

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