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Beets are Back! And introducing Cacao Butter

By October 10, 2017Farm Gate Stall

Great news, beets are back. Rick asked me to help him pick 10kg of them for little seed this arvo, and so many were ready for harvest that we have plenty of surplus to sell to everyone else 🙂

If you’ve bought beets from us before, you may have found them a little small. This time we planted a different variety, Detroit. They are much larger.

In other news, we now have certified organic cacao butter available! Ever tried it? If you’re interested in making your own chocolate that’s free of allergens, this is a key ingredient. I’m thinking about offering DIY organic chocolate kits to customers. We have the cacao butter, cacao powder and maple syrup, all organic and all used in delicious homemade chocolate. It would make a pretty cool Christmas gift.

Cacao butter is also used in some soap recipes, homemade lotions and some desserts. I first tried it in a herbal chocolate moose cake from LearningHerbs. So yummy 🙂

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