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A Fowl Experiment

By November 5, 2017Nutrition

“Three duck eggs? That’s it?! But there’s about 11 ducks in there!”

I’d bought all these extra ducks for eggs, and some days I’d had 7 or 8 eggs in a day, but never consistently, and I’d purposefully bought a breed of duck that’s known for outlaying chickens. So what was the problem?

We soak their grain for at least 24 hours before their feed, give them table scraps and market garden scraps…and sometimes even some milk kefir (which they love). And I was pretty sure it wasn’t a predator nicking off with the eggs.

After the Sustainable Agriculture Conference, one of the bullet points I’d jotted down was that we should start sourcing organic feed for our animals. The primary focus of the lectures was on human health, but it became pretty clear that feeding animals with roundup contaminated produce is dangerous too.

We found certified organic lucerne for the sheep during the drought (which turned out to be the same price as the regular lucerne we’d bought before that!), and eventually I took the plunge and bought organic chicken feed too. I’d been holding off, as it’s far more costly than even the special duck formula that we sometimes bought.

At the same time as starting the organic poultry feed, I started picking a fresh tub of produce for the chooks/ducks each morning. Especially after all the rain and hail, we had lots of lettuce that wasn’t suitable for sale, but was perfect for the birds. We have about 30 birds, so maybe table scraps weren’t enough, even though they free range in a paddock.

2 days later, that’s all it took to see a difference. I had 7 duck eggs that day. And 7 the next, and the next…and then 8, then 9. Plus all the chook eggs. It’s been about 10 days now, and I’m still getting 7-9 duck eggs a day, plus chook eggs.

I’m sure the organic chicken feed has helped, but the real difference, in my opinion, is the fresh produce every morning. I made sure there was variety in the tub too, by using kale, chard, mesclun, and cabbage greens on top of the lettuce.

And every day, they polish off just about everything! It’s usually a bit of chard that gets left, if anything.

I say all this, because if you can see results in fowl health after only 2 days, by ramping up their fresh chem-free vegetable intake, what do you think it will do for human health? For your health?

I’d love to hear of anyone’s experiences with incorporating more fresh produce in their diet. 🙂

Hopefully I’ll be able to report back down the track on this Fowl Experiment, because the next change I’m looking for is in the birds feathers. Some of the chooks have bald patches which I want to see cleared up!


  • Bree says:

    We had problems with bald patches on the back of some hens. After a lot of time spent scratching our heads, we witnessed that our rooster had rather aggressive mating habits. Some time in a separate pen had the feathers growing back. We had to rotate the hens in the rooster’s pen. Yikes! Poor girls.

    In regards to the fresh produce- I know that when my son & I eat organic food we don’t get asthma.

    • Thanks Bree 🙂
      We have several roosters, and they’re definitely causing the loss of feathers on the backs of some hens, but then we’ve got hens with feather loss around the vent too, and I think I read that was a parasitic problem. We do get blood mites sometimes. But then the healthier a creature is, the less susceptible they are to sickness and disease, so I’m hoping this helps clear it up. We worm them with essential oils sometimes too.

  • Ruth says:

    Changes I have noticed since going over 95% organic and other lifestyle changes 5 years ago: improved blood test results reflecting my better health overall, clear skin, shiny hair (stopped falling out), clear eyes, more energy/resilience … Still contending with heavy metals in the form of mercury fillings. However, have experienced that decreasing the toxic load, (avoiding the consumption of chemically sprayed food, drinking pure water, exercise etc.) increases the benefit to my health.

    • That’s great Ruth 🙂 It’s interesting you mentioned the hair not falling out. When I had the autoimmune disease I had chunks of hair falling out, and even for a while afterwards, but we’ve been eating loads of Rick’s veg all this year and I no longer have that problem either.
      Regarding mercury fillings, I heard there’s a holistic dentist in Brisbane that I think can remove and replace those fillings. I know a lady who goes to him for treatment.

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