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A new Delivery Slot?

By January 7, 2018Farm Gate Stall

It’s been about a year we’ve been open for business now! Time flies.

Rick and I have been aiming to get to the markets, but it’s just so hard. It ends up being about 8 hours at the markets, and many more hours beforehand packing and preparing for them. So we haven’t made it back. There’s always loads of work to do here, and spending so long prepping and selling at the markets robs that time from us.

BUT, as some of you know, one morning a week I’ve been delivering to some customers, since I’m in town that day anyway…and sometimes I can get 8 deliveries done in about an hour. I can’t take any more deliveries on that day, as I’m always maxed out for time and boot space…but we have another idea.

So Rick’s thought is that a better use of our time would be to open up another delivery slot, for qualifying orders. I say qualifying orders, because the orders really need to be confined to a certain proximity of one another (ie, on my delivery morning I do orders from Rockville to Kearney Springs since I have to go from Cranley to South Toowoomba those mornings for an appointment anyway). The orders also need to be $30+.

I’d love to get some feedback from people who would be interested in having a weekly or fortnightly delivery…with the understanding we’re going to have to go with whatever area we get the most interest from. Like, we’d be happy to do a Highfields/Goombungee run, IF there was enough regular orders out there to make it worthwhile for us.

You can email me directly at racheal@birdsongmarketgarden.com.au if you’re interested. Don’t send facebook messages though, as I don’t get them. Everything I post from the website goes onto our facebook page automatically, but I don’t directly deal with facebook at all…it’s too much of a time waster! 🙂

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