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Our First Farm Tour…and the Apples have arrived

By April 29, 2018Market Garden

Yesterday we hosted our first Birdsong Farm Tour. A great opportunity for locals to come and check out how we grow our veg and to pick Rick’s brains in regard to what to do to boost their soil health in home gardens.

Michele at Going Grey and Slightly Green  has already posted a blog with loads of pics from the tour. Daughter of a photographer though I am, I’m a shocker for getting around to taking pics at classes/workshops. Too busy with the catering perhaps? Sounds like a reasonable excuse anyway!

So thank you Michele for your write up on the tour.

In other news, the apples have arrived! Some of you have already bought Gran Elly Orchard biologically organic apples before. Dennis Angelino is one of the few farmers out there who remineralises his soil, like us. So the apples are unlike what you buy from a supermarket.

We’ve got in Granny Smiths, Hi Earlys and Royal Galas. All delicious (we tested to make sure!). Actually, what has been interesting is that children tell me the apples are very filling. You don’t hear that often of apples, but then if the mineral content is there it only makes sense that you would feel more satisfied after eating these apples. They’re $5.50/kg and all first grade. If there is enough interest, we might get some juicing grade next time also, as I know we have juicers among our customers.

I’ve just uploaded these apples to the web store. If you buy some, I’d love your feedback.

Side note…corn is back! Looks like two rows are ripe at once, so there will be corn a plenty for the next week or so.

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