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Happy Mother’s Day from Birdsong! (and this weeks delivery run)

Happy Mother’s Day, 2018 🙂

And with the occasion, has come our first frost for the year, it looks lovely sparkling in the morning sun.

The garden is looking vibrant, and rainbow chard has just come back on. Rick planted extra rows of chard this rotation, so there’s an excellent supply.

The reminder to pray for rain came this week when we got a call to say 3 bores in our area have just gone dry! If ours goes dry then the market garden ceases to exist until the water is replenished. So please join us in praying for rain. Each day we see water truck after water truck spraying so much water for dust control and watering the new turf for the new Toowoomba Bypass. So maybe they’ll need to be more water conscious too…

The nut order has come in, so we now have raw organic almonds and raw organic cashews back in stock.

This weeks delivery run will be Sunday 20th May, 1-2:30pm for orders $40+ in Toowoomba. Get your order in by Saturday 19th, 8:30pm and mention you’d like delivery in the comments box of your order.

Have a beautiful day!

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