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Friday May 25th Delivery Run, 1-2:30pm for orders $40+ in Toowoomba

Hi there,

this week we’re going for a Friday 1-2:30pm delivery run for orders $40+ in Toowoomba.

Just place your order by 8:30pm Thursday 24th and mention in the comments box that you’d like delivery, and your address (unless you’re a regular and I know your address already).

If you don’t have $40 worth, but you do have a friend or family member who would also like delivery to the same address and your combined orders total $40+, then I can do that.

Also, if you’d love delivery, but our times never suit you, send me an email (or reply in the comments below) what sort of times would better suit you. Sometimes we can make another time work, especially when we’re already going to town for something else.

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