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Friday August 3rd, 1-2:30pm Delivery Run for orders $40+ in Toowoomba

Just a quick note to let you all know this week’s delivery run is Friday August 3rd from 1-2:30pm. Sometimes I leave a little earlier than that, so let me know if you won’t be home.

Orders need to be $40+ and delivered to a Toowoomba address. Please place your online order by Thursday 2nd August, 8:30pm. If you are new to Birdsong deliveries, add your address in the comments section of your order. If you’ve had a delivery before, I’ll remember where you live.

If you’ve had a delivery/order before and have boxes/jars to send back, you can leave them by your door and I’ll take them back with me.

Enjoy your produce 🙂

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