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Plant Based Eating Workshop (Gluten Free/ Dairy Free) with Asher Andrews

By February 18, 2019Nutrition

Several years ago, Simple Living Toowoomba hosted a Gluten and Dairy Free eating workshop. It was really popular and informative, particularly in talking about some of the symptoms of gluten intolerance and celiac disease, as I’d just been diagnosed with thyroid autoimmune disease and was reacting to gluten every time I consumed it.

BUT, although we saw a quick cooking demo and chatted about how to shop for GF/DF foods (reading ingredient labels etc), the focus was on avoiding those two food types, not so much promoting the sourcing and eating of more healthy, unprocessed foods so that the allergies might actually reverse and people’s guts be healed.

Next month at Simple Living, we have a workshop that takes GF/DF eating to the next level. Asher Andrews, chef and former owner of the Little Seed Restaurant, is coming to share his knowledge and experience with plant based cooking…using local, fresh and whole foods with as little processing and refinement as possible. And all this is gluten and dairy free, but the focus is more on the abundance of nutrient dense foods that you CAN eat, and how to prepare them, rather than just avoiding foods with gluten and dairy.

Date:    9 March
Time:    1-3pm
What:   Asher – My food ethos has always been about using the best quality produce sourced as local as possible and treated with respect. In 2016 it was this same ethos which eventually led to my wife and I changing our lifestyle and our restaurant to be completely plant-based vegan realising a plant-based lifestyle is both healing for the body, soul and the environment.

Ethics and social consciousness is what drew me down this path but then I also quickly realised plant-based eating was not only more healthy but opened up a whole new world of creativity, flavour and excitement for cooking for me. I want to empower people by showing just how simple, fun and beneficial cooking plant-based can be.

I focus on as much as possible using local, organic and nutrient dense produce and cook without processed oils, gluten or refined/processed foods with kitchen practices that promote reducing food waste and composting.

Where: Range Christian Fellowship, 15 Blake St, Toowoomba.
Cost:    $10
RSVP:   6 March to simplelivingtoowoomba@gmail.com or phone Michele on 0423858059
As usual please feel free to bring along any handmade goods or excess homegrown produce you would like to share with those attending the workshops.

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