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Delivery Changes

By June 12, 2020Nutrition

We’re very pleased to have a hybrid van on the way for Birdsong deliveries. The previous van is not really up to the task anymore!

Due to the fact that the replacement van is coming from Japan, and we likely won’t have it until late July (but the old van’s rego runs out on Monday), we’re going to be doing deliveries in the 4WD for the next 6 weeks. This means we can only bring in 6 orders at a time.

I’ll see how we go with the delivery demand, but I may add in a Monday delivery slot for Toowoomba each week (and have already advertised one for this coming Monday 15th June).

What this means for you, is that if you’re keen for a delivery, get your order in early to secure a spot. The delivery slots are being tracked on the website, so only 6 spaces are available for each delivery run.

If you are a Highfields delivery customer, this won’t affect you, as Dad will still be delivering those for us.

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