This Week at Birdsong (+ Weds Highfields Delivery Run)

By March 14, 2021Nutrition
We have everything pictured, with the exception of the beans.

Good Morning,

I’ll be ordering in more certified organic celery and cabbagewhile our greens are struggling. Rick keeps planting out seedlings, only to have the rabbits and hares descend upon them. They can do a lot of damage in a single night! This is why we don’t have many greens to offer! 

We can list a limited number of corn cobsthis week…there’s just a few rows left for the season. A little bit of corianderis ready now also.

The juicing carrotsat the moment are huge, and excellent quality. Thought I’d mention this, as the carrots we bought in a few weeks back were a bit disappointing. 


Tuesday 16th March, 1-2pm for orders $50+ in Toowoomba.Please place your orders by Monday night.

Wednesday 17th March, 1-2pm HIGHFIELDS,no minimum order, $5 delivery fee. Please place your orders by Tuesday night.

Friday 19th March, 12:30-2pm for orders $50+ in Toowoomba.Please place your orders by Thursday night.

Thank you for returning large glass jars, preserving jars, waxed boxes and plastic crates.

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