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April 2021

This Week at Birdsong

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Good Morning,
Perfect outdoor weather today! And it’s great to see some of the greens coming back.

I have some chard and possibly bok choi and lettuce this week. Chard is listed already, and I’ll check on the bok choi and lettuce quantities before listing it 🙂

I’ve just taken the max quantity limit of 4kg off the carrots (forgot it was there!). Having said that, if you want large amounts, like 6-10kg at a time, it’s helpful if you can let me know on a Sunday (even if you’re not putting in your order on Sunday), so I make sure I order enough organic juicing carrots to last the week.

Our new patch of coriander is ready! I’m sure coriander is our most requested herb, and autumn is the season when it really thrives. Coriander is picked to order, and we pick before 7:30am each morning, so it’s best to have your orders in the night before you plan to get the collect, or have delivery.

Sunflower seed kernels are back in stock.


Tuesday 13th April, 1-2pm for orders $50+ in Toowoomba. Please place your orders by Monday night.
Wednesday 14th April, 1-2pm Highfields. $5 fee, no minimum order. Please place your order by Tuesday night.
Friday 16th April for orders $50+ in Toowoomba. Please place your orders by Thursday night.

Thank you for returning waxed boxes, plastic crates, preserving jars and large glass jars.