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June 2021

This Week at Birdsong

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What a busy week! We’re seeing an influx of new customers again…great to see so many people supporting both small local businesses, and their own health šŸ™‚

A limited amount ofĀ sauerkraut has been made and listed online. This is made on our Sugarloaf cabbages and macrobiotic Australian sea salt.Ā 

Kale (Tuscan) is back online, I’m hoping our new crop will be enough to keep it listed consistently throughout winter. I’ve also just listed our BirdsongĀ lemons.

Now, as I’ve mentioned to some of you, we are occasionally having issues with the new ap we’re using to adjust listings and stock levels. Most often this occurs with delivery runs. Sometimes if I use my phone to alter the listing, it will show up online, but not actually let you add it to your cart. If this happens to you, just let me know (and thank you to those who have been letting me know in the comments box when the delivery item won’t add to your cart), so I can fix it.

TheĀ Highfields honey has been very popular. We just collected some more of it. Some is starting to candy/crystalise, which I wanted to mention. For those who aren’t familiar with the process, it’s perfectly normal in honey that is raw. It still tastes the same and is nutritionally intact. If you like it runnier, you can gently warm the honey jar in a bowl of hot/warm water (the preserving jars can handle the heat), or sit your jar in a warm place, like near the stove. Don’t heat the honey in the oven or microwave…you’ll kill some of the nutrients.Ā 

I’ve changed theĀ maple syrup back to 1L bottles, because that’s all I had left! I’ll have to look into more packaging options soon, as these bottles are running out too. I know some of you prefer the 750ml bottles, because they fit nicely in the fridge door (yes, opened maple syrup bottles should be stored in the fridge).

Delivery Runs:
Wednesday 16th June, 1-2pm for orders $50+in Toowoomba 4350. Please place your orders by Tuesday night.
Friday 18th June, 12:30-2pm for orders $50+in Toowoomba 4350. Please place your orders by Thursday night.Ā 

Thank you for returning large glass jars, preserving jars, waxed boxes and plastic crates.

Nutrient-Dense Nut Bars

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I love nut bars, but the commercial versions often contain undesirable ingredients. Here’s a recipe for a customisable homemade version that is tasty and nutritious.

1 1/2 Cups chopped Brazil nuts (or another nut, but I choose Brazil nuts because they are one of the highest known sources of dietary Selenium, and most my children don’t like eating them plain!)

1/3 C chopped walnuts (again, you can sub out for whatever nut you like, but walnuts are another one that I take the opportunity to hide in these bars so the children will get some in their diet)

1/3 C Pumpkin seeds

1/3 C Sunflower seeds

1/3 C Dark chocolate chunks (or cacao nibs if you want a lower-sugar alternative)

1/3 C Sultanas (or another chopped dried fruit)

1/3 C Honey ( I haven’t tried this, but I’m sure maple syrup would work, if you’d rather avoid honey)

1/2 C Hulled Tahini

1tsp Vanilla Extract (or vanilla paste)

Heat your oven to 180C

Mix all your dry ingredients in a large bowl.

The next step depends on the viscosity of your honey. If your honey is runny, then you are just going to mix it together with the vanilla and tahini until homogenised. If your honey is too thick, then gently heat it in a saucepan until runny, and then mix in your tahini and vanilla.

Bake at 180C for about 10 minutes…slightly longer if you prefer a browner, slightly crunchier bar.

Allow to cool. Then enjoy!