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Good Morning,

We’re very excited that the school holidays have arrived 🙂 We’ll be staying local, and open the same hours as usual, Sunday-Friday, 11am-6pm. We can sometimes accommodate pick-ups outside those hours, if you ask first and give us some notice.

I’m ordering fresh organicgingerthis week, but the suppler tells me there’s limited stock. So I’ll see what happens on Tuesday when we pick-up and list it when I know what we’ve got. It will be available in 200g and 500g portions @$40/kg, certified organic.

Delveries this week will also be as normal:

Wednesday 22nd September, 1-2pm for orders $50+ in Toowoomba. Please place your orders by Tuesday night.

Friday 24th September, 12:30-2pm for orders $50+in Toowoomba. Please place your orders by Thursday night.

Thank you for returning waxed boxes, preserving jars, large glass jars and plastic crates (this week I’m low on the white plastic crates again, as we’ve been receiving quite a few bulky orders).

Thank you for supporting Birdsong!

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