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Good Morning,
Not much has changed this week, though we almost have our sweet corn ready to sell…hopefully within a week. It’s one crop that loved all that rain. Some others, like the tomatoes, are struggling after being water-logged.
I’ll be listing a small amount of cucumber this week. Bulk deals are still on for carrots, potatoes (both Sebago and Dutch cream), and beetroot.
We’re on school holidays now, so are more flexible with pick-up times on orders. If you would like an earlier pick-up time than 11am, just let us know in the comments box of your order.
Wednesday 8th December, 1-2pm for orders $50+ in Toowoomba
Friday 10th December, 12:30-2pm for orders $50+ in Toowoomba
Thank you for returning glass jars, preserving jars, waxed boxes and plastic crates 🙂 By the way, unwanted 1L coconut oil jars are an excellent size for 500g portions of nuts/seeds. If you have any you don’t need, we’d love to use them (don’t worry about cleaning them up too much, as we have to sterilise them anyway).
Thank you for supporting Birdsong!

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