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December 2021

This Week at Birdsong

By Farm Gate StallNo Comments
Good Morning!
I hope no one had storm damage from last night. We had a very decent downfall, which was lovely.
The Kialla 20kg organic baker’s flourbags have arrived. If you are someone who emailed me about getting a bag, then I have your bag set aside with your name on it, so you don’t have to worry about them selling out. The price has just gone up by $2/bag, as we are no longer allowed to pick it up ourselves from the mill, and have to pay a courier to bring it here.
We still have plenty of corn, and it’s been a top seller 🙂
I won’t have onionsthis week. I thought I’d be able to get some organic onions in from our supplier, but they are now affected by the trucking staff shortages, and onions aren’t available. We do have plenty of shallots…not quite the same, I know.
The organic suppliers are low in a lot of stock, but we’re hoping there will be more ginger in our order on Tuesday. I only bought a small quantity last week, as it’s such a slow seller, but it ended up selling out in 2 hours after listing it.
Wednesday 19th January, 1-2pm for orders $50+in Toowoomba. Please place your orders by Tuesday night.
Friday 21st January, 12:30-2pm for orders $50+in Toowoomba. Please place your orders by Thursday night.
Thank you for returning preserving jars, waxed boxes, plastic crates and large glass jars!
Thank you for supporting Birdsong