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Book Review: The Indian Cookery Course

By February 7, 2022Recipes

Over the last month or so, I decided to attempt learning some Indian cookery…I mean besides the almost-weekly Butter Chicken that our family loves. It makes sense to eat foods that feature a rich assortment of medicinal herbs and spices, rather then to be trying to make up the balance with supplements. And Indian cuisine does this well.

A little searching, and this is the book that popped up- Monisha Bharadwaj’s “The India Cookery Course”

More than just a collection of recipes, Monisha delves into some of the history, geography and philosophy of Indian cookery. I find the background information very helpful. India is a massive nation, featuring varied regions that have their own styles.

She divides the book up by food types….meat, dairy, grains, desserts and pulses for example.

After spending hours reading and browsing through the pages, it was clear I’d need to visit an India grocer to get started with these amazing looking recipes. I’d never been to one before, but noticed the old Koorong site in town is now where The Chilli Spice (Indian grocer) is located.

So we dropped in. Archie and I loved exploring all the spices, interesting pickles and huge range of grains that they have on offer there. Glad I had my little guy’s help to carry all the ingredients we purchased! The staff there were so helpful and I thought the prices were very reasonable.

We had invited some friends over for dinner, and decided that would be a great opportunity to test the recipes out.

Yum! We did the tomato raita, mango chutney, warm carrot salad and a bean salad with our curry and rice and it was beautiful. It was kind of time consuming making a variety of little dishes, but I think that was primarily because when you’re making a meal that’s comprised almost entirely of new recipes, you’re constantly having to double-check what you’re doing! I loved the variety of textures, flavours and how fresh everything was. We may have eaten more than we needed to 🙂

If you’re after a book that covers the foundations, and then gives you quality recipes, definitely check this one out. It’s also huge…496 pages, so there’s plenty of ideas to choose from.

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