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March 2024

What’s Happening at Birdsong?

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Already, a year has passed since Birdsong slowed down. Several reasons were behind the changes. Initially, Rick was working on the design and manufacturing of a machine for an abattoir out west. That was six months’ worth of work. It was about time to give the soil a rest anyway, after 6 years of intense cropping. We also had a broken tractor, which we waited for months to receive parts from Europe for…and then when they finally came, we found out we were still missing one very important component. The tractor is essential for market gardening in our situation, otherwise the soil prep and maintenance would require more time than we have to give!

Then another six-month project came up, also far from home, which only really allowed Rick to be home on weekends. During that time, our eldest daughter got engaged (short engagement), and so there was a wedding to be planned (sorry, no wedding pics posted here, as I think the bride and groom would prefer not to have them posted online)…and on top of that, it was breeding season, so we were incubating duck eggs and our dog Fawn had a gorgeous litter of 8 puppies. I put a lot of time into house training pups, so this was a hugely busy season for us.

The original idea was to have a break from farming for a year, and then reassess what we’d like to do. The year is up, and although we are keen to get a veggie patch going again in our presently neglected greenhouse area, we are not so keen to go back to full-time market gardening. Especially for me, as I was homeschooling, running the harvesting/sales/ordering side of things, and managing the household, it was so refreshing to have a break and be able to focus more on the family. The children are growing up fast, and as parents, we only get one shot at raising them, so I would like to be more available for them.

For now, I’m happy to keep Birdsong open for the bulk certified organic products that we bring in, but we’re not expecting to be growing our own produce to sell, at this stage. We have learned so much during the 6 or so years of running Birdsong, and loved producing and supplying wholesome produce from mineral-enriched soil. We’re also thankful for all the support we had over the years 🙂

If you are looking for an alternative source of organic local produce, the Saturday Farmer’s Markets at Cob and Co (Toowoomba) have quite a decent variety to choose from.