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We are the Cameron Family, glad you dropped by!

Mineral Rich

The testing and replenishing of our soil to produce an optimum mineral balance is a top priority at Birdsong. We use the standards of William Albrecht, an expert in soil fertility and it’s relation to human health.

Microbe Rich

Microbes are the keys that unlock the minerals and cause them to be available to the plants dwelling in that soil. They live symbiotically with the plants-they take the plants sugars in exchange for synthesising nutrients for the plant to thrive.

Biologically Organic

A healthy plant doesn’t need chemical fertilisers, pesticides and fungicides. We focus on soil health and a balanced ecosystem and avoid artificial chemical intervention.


In a world of supersize agriculture, isn’t it refreshing that you can still find farms where you can buy your food straight from the people who actually grew it? Who actually care about your health, and who live in your area? We’re keeping it local, supplying to Queensland’s Toowoomba region.

Tasting Is Believing

Meet The Team.

Rick and Racheal

Rick is the innovative creator of Birdsong. Leaving behind the office life and his full-time electrical engineering career, he’s opted to instead convert our farmlet into a market garden producing food of medicinal quality. Rick is a believer that people are designed to live a lot longer than we presently do, and that quality food from nourished soil is a key ingredient to achieve longevity.

Racheal, wife of Rick, has long been fascinated by homesteading, nutrition, supplementation and health. After being healed of an autoimmune disease herself, Racheal looks forward to seeing the results of providing people with the food that can bring restoration in their health.

And then there are the children! Rick and Racheal have 6 children who all love the outdoors and rural life. Farmers in training, you’ll be likely to see them helping around the garden at Birdsong.

Rick Cameron

Principle Subsistance Farmer



Racheal Cameron

Minister of Home Affiars

Established In 2016

Real Farming Real Food.

Farming as though your health matters

Its time to step up the game when it comes to producing quality food locally. This is the most effective and best value health care around – throw out your multivitamins and minerals and gets some real food into you. Checkout some of our farming practices below.

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