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Jane Milburn Slow Clothing Workshop, Saturday March 3rd

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Many of you have seen the War on Waste series, by the ABC. If you have, you would have seen the horrendous volume of clothing Australia wastes and disposes of each year.

Jane Milburn is a Brisbane woman who is actively doing something about this issue and Australia’s attitude towards disposable fashion.

Jane is coming to Toowoomba Saturday March 3rd, 10am-Midday at 13-15 Blake St, Wilsonton. Cost is $10, payable on the day, to come and be educated and inspired as to how we can change our fashion footprint, learn to seek out sustainable clothing from natural fibers, upcycle used clothes and do simple mending to keep garments lasting longer.

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL! email simplelivingtoowoomba@gmail.com to reserve your spot

for more info about Jane and her mission, check out http://textilebeat.com/

Simple Living Toowoomba Herb workshop

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Last days to book in for the Simple Living Toowoomba Herb Workshop. It’s this Saturday 17th, 10am-Midday at 13-15 Blake St Wilsonton.

To book your place, email simplelivingtoowoomba@gmail.com

Cost is $5, payable on the day.

Toowoomba herbologist Josh Neideck will be sharing his knowledge and experience growing and using herbs medicinally and in cooking. He plans to take us outside and demonstrate just how many common garden weeds are actually healing herbs too.

Gran Elly Orchard Tours

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A number of you already buy apples from Dennis Angelino’s biologically organic farm. But for those who don’t know, Dennis is into remineralising the soil, like us. He’s opening up his farm at Thullimbah for tours on March 3/4 (Saturday/Sunday).

Sounds like a great family excursion, and opportunity to see what goes into apple farming and processing without poisons.

Contact Gran.Elly.Orchard@gmail.com for more info

Rain at Last!

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Hi 🙂

As you may have noticed on the web store, the range of produce is dwindling! There’s lots of crops out there, but until yesterday, we’d had no rain this year. So though we irrigate and the crops are plodding along, they haven’t been able to thrive. Yesterdays storm brought 14mm. A nice start.

The lack of rain isn’t just affecting the crops, it also affects the animals. Our sheep have eaten out their cell, so I let them out into the house yard the other day, completely intending to put them back soon….but I forgot and they ate most of our upcoming lettuce crop. Oops.

And the ducks/chickens…the laying has cut right back! So many birds, so few eggs. But Cinnamon, one of our bantams who was laying, just hatched 5 little chicks, as pictured. So cute, but it’s ducks we’re wanting to breed, not more chooks! And bantams at that (Rick thinks their little eggs are a waste of time). The children are excited though, they love babies.

Rick’s had some contract work happening, so farm work is minimal. But that’s a good thing while we’re waiting on more rain. When the range picks up again, Rick is wanting to add another delivery slot to our week. He goes into town every Wednesday morning to deliver to a restaurant, and could do a few home deliveries right after that (in Toowoomba, after 9:30am Wednesdays). So keep an eye on the website, he plans to add the delivery option as an item that you add to your cart.

I also have a contact in Harristown who already runs a fruit co-op and is willing to be a pickup point for orders. So if you’re in that area and are interested, let me know.

Enjoy your week,



Organic Cacao Butter On Special this Week

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What a lovely weekend it’s been! Seven of us homeschool mums went and had a weekend at the Bunya Mountains together. And many of them are on various dietary restrictions, so the food was very healthy and wholesome! One mum looked at our menu and joked that it looked more like a health retreat 🙂

I took along some chamomile and salted caramel bars…totally grain and dairy free…and delicious. One of the ingredients in the ‘caramel’ portion is cacao butter, which provides a lovely set.

I know ingredients like this are pricey, so this week organic unrefined cacao butter is on special for $25/kg (you need to buy a full kilo to access this price). It’s great for homemade chocolate and desserts that need a butter like this to form a good set. Herbal chocolate mousse cake is another good example. It’s also used in some soaps and homemade cosmetics.

Be inspired 🙂

February Herb Workshop

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Herb Workshop
Date: 17 February
Time: 10-12 noon
Cost: $5
Where: Range Christian Fellowship, 15 Blake St, Wilsonton 
What:  Toowoomba herbologist and trained horticulturalist, Josh, will be giving us tips and advice on how to grow herbs, what herbs grow well in our area and how to use herbs for medicinal purposes. Josh also plans to take us for a walk outside and show us the wide array of edible and medicinal plants growing in our lawns.
RSVP: 14 February to Margy at simplelivingtoowoomba@gmail.com
Simple Living used to have a monthly swap table for produce, crafts and the like. This year we’re trialing a gifting table. Bring along surplus produce, clothing, crafts and other items that might be a blessing to someone else. The only thing is you need to take whatever no one else wants back home with you at the end of the class!