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Delivery Run Friday June 15th 12:30pm-2pm

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Delivery is available to Toowoomba addresses this Friday June 15th from 12:30pm-2pm.

This applies to orders $40+, though if you have two people collecting from the same address and the orders total $40+ for that address, I can do that.

Have your orders placed by Thursday 14th, 8:30pm.

Payment can either be made online when you order, or be paid for with cash or card upon delivery.

Organic Dried Apricots, Pepitas, Black Chia Seeds and this Week’s Delivery Run

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Back in stock we have:

Organic Black Chia seeds, $17/kg

Organic Pepitas, $14/kg

Organic Dried Apricots (we just taste tested them…they’re even better than last time we ordered them!), $19.50/kg

We also have tomatoes, both cherry and slicing varieties, so if you’re after some, request them with your order. Due to the frosts, they’re not producing so prolifically (they’re out of season after all) so we don’t have the quantity to have them listed online.

And this week’s delivery run, for orders $40+ to Toowoomba addresses will be Thursday 7th June, 1-2:30pm. To take advantage of home delivery, make sure you place your order by 8:30pm Wednesday 6th June. If you’ve not had a delivery before, please write your address in the comments box of your order (or email me your address).

Thursday 31st May, 1-2:30pm Delivery Run for orders $40+ in Toowoomba

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Here we are at the end of another weekend already!

Time to plan for the week ahead…

This week we are offering delivery to Toowoomba addresses on orders $40+ on Thursday May 31st, from 1-2:30pm.

Place your order by Wednesday 8:30pm

Some of the winter crops are now being harvested. We have lots of sugarloaf cabbage for all you fermenting fans out there. Purple cauliflowers are coming on…plus wombok cabbage. Broccoli is almost ready also.

If you are after tomatoes, just ask and we’ll let you know what’s available. They’re still fruiting, but demand is higher than supply in our tomato patch, so we’ve had to take them offline for a little while.

Friday May 25th Delivery Run, 1-2:30pm for orders $40+ in Toowoomba

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Hi there,

this week we’re going for a Friday 1-2:30pm delivery run for orders $40+ in Toowoomba.

Just place your order by 8:30pm Thursday 24th and mention in the comments box that you’d like delivery, and your address (unless you’re a regular and I know your address already).

If you don’t have $40 worth, but you do have a friend or family member who would also like delivery to the same address and your combined orders total $40+, then I can do that.

Also, if you’d love delivery, but our times never suit you, send me an email (or reply in the comments below) what sort of times would better suit you. Sometimes we can make another time work, especially when we’re already going to town for something else.

Bone Broth Workshop, Wednesday May 30th at Birdsong

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No doubt just about everyone has heard of bone broth, it’s a hot topic, especially in regard to it’s gut healing capabilities.

We’ve been making it for years, and actually started making it because Rick was trained as a chef back in the day, and when we got married he liked things like real gravy made on real beef stock…and making it seemed a lot more economical (and satisfying) than buying it!

Then as time went on and more and more info came out about the vast chasm of difference in quality between your standard supermarket stock/broth and homemade stock/broth, there was no way we’d go back to buying it.

Last Autumn we held a bone broth workshop, and as the chill of the season sets in again this year, it’s such a lovely time to have a pot of broth on the stove (or in your slow cooker).

We’re holding another bone broth workshop Wednesday May 30th, 1:30pm here at Birdsong (118 Boundary St).

I’ll show you examples of what to include in your broth, how to make it, how to pressure can it (to make the broth shelf stable) and how to make boullion (reduced broth jelly, EXCELLENT option if you want to freeze broth but have limited freezer space).

We can also give you a list of where to source bones, whether fish, beef or lamb.

You will go home with a little starter kit of Birdsong herbs, seasonal produce (suitable for broth), instructions and a jar of broth (likely beef) to try.

Cost: $30. You can either pay on the day (must RSVP first) or you can pay by selecting the class from the webstore and paying online.

To RSVP, email me at racheal@birdsongmarketgarden.com.au by Sunday May 27th.

This Weeks Delivery Run

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This weeks delivery time will be Friday 11th May, 1-2:30pm for orders $40+ in Toowoomba.

To take advantage of this service, place your order by 8:30pm tonight (Thursday 10th May).

I know it’s late notice, but the offer goes out to our regular customers on our email list first. As there is still space for more orders this week, I’m putting the word out on the blog also ūüôā

Beeswax Wraps and Cold Process Soap Making Workshop

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May at Simple Living Toowoomba…

This month SLT are offering two classes in one, DIY beeswax wraps with Suanne from Green Dandelion, and cold process soap making with me.

If you haven’t heard about beeswax wraps, they’re an eco friendly alternative to glad wrap. Much better looking than glad wrap too! Suanne will even have kits available for sale on the day with the wax/resin mix so you can go home and make your own. Suanne is regularly at local farmer’s markets and the like selling not only her beautiful wraps, but also other ‘green’ solutions for you home.

And soap making, like I’ve said before, is so much easier than you think and can be made with ingredients from the supermarket. No need to order pricey unusual ingredients (unless you want to go down that path). Homemade soap is also very allergy friendly. I have yet to meet a person, no matter how bad the eczema, who reacts to basic homemade soap. I’ll have some soap available for sale on the day.

This class will take place on Saturday 26th May, 9:45am-Midday at 13-15 Blake St, Wilsonton, 4350. It’s going to be capped at about 30-35 participants.

Cost is $5 per adult (need cash as there’s no electronic payment facilities), which is amazing value. Soapmaking will be up first and we’ll start at 10am sharp, so please be on time! Suanne will then start her wraps demonstration at around 11am.

To RSVP, email Michele at simplelivingtoowoomba@gmail.com

Birdsong Delivery Slot- This Sunday 6th May for orders $40+ in Toowoomba

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Time to try something different ūüôā

As some of you know, I’ve trialed a few delivery slots before in Toowoomba. It is a great way to get a lot of produce to a lot of customers in far less time than it takes to set up shop at the local markets. Normally this option is only open to customers on our mailing list, as I usually squeeze the deliveries in while heading into town for the children’s extra curricular activities…and so can’t take too many orders with me.

This Sunday 6th May, from 1-2:30pm, we’re trialing a new delivery slot. To take advantage of this you need to live in Toowoomba, be placing an order of $40+ and place your order by 8pm Saturday 5th May. Be sure to leave your address in the comments section of your order!

Most people who have had us deliver before pay online when they order, but I do carry paypass/credit equipment, and can also accept cash payments.

As we live just north of Toowoomba, suburbs on the North side are delivered to first. The last area I get to is usually Rangeville. Just letting you know in case you order and wonder around what time exactly the veg will arrive.

Sometimes people have their veg delivered when they’re not home…this is ok if you’ve already paid, and you know the veg will be safe and not out in the elements too long. Produce such as kale, bok choi and lettuce don’t cope for long out of refrigeration.

So once again, if you’d like a delivery this weekend, it’s:

Sunday May 6th, 1-2:30pm

Order must be $40+

Delivery address for your order must be IN Toowoomba

Order must be placed by 8pm Saturday 5th May

Seasonal Mixed Box – A Value Comparison

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We get both- customers who want specific produce each order, and customers who just want a box of whatever is fresh and seasonal.

One customer, upon taking home her first $50 mixed box, decided to list and weigh every item in her box and find out how the value compared to buying the same items organically at the supermarket. I was really excited by this, it’s one of those things I probably wouldn’t get around to doing at the moment, but am very interested to see the results of.

So I’ve just received the list this customer wrote, and will share it with you so you too can see how our seasonal mixed boxes compare with supermarket buying.

NOTE: Contents of seasonal mixed boxes change frequently, depending on what’s in season and how much of each item we have available.

This customer was not asked to do this, she just happens to be very thrifty and wanted to know for herself what kind of value she was getting.

It’s also worth noting when you buy a seasonal box, I ALWAYS put more than the dollar value you paid in there, ie if you buy a $50 box, I’ll put at least another $5-$10 worth of our produce in there.

Both Coles and Woolworths online were used for her comparisons, as neither supermarket stocked everything in her box from Birdsong. The comparisons are made with Organic produce (except for the eggplant and cucumber, which she could not find organically from supermarkets at the time).


Ok, here it is:

Item                                                Supermarket Price     Total

1050g Dutch Cream Potatoes    $4/kg                           $4.20

995g Sweet Potato                        $10/kg                        $9.95

630g Salad Onion                         $7/kg                          $4.45

670g Butternut Pumpkin            $4/kg                          $2.68

1560g Tomatoes                            $17.50/kg                  $27.30

856g Corn, Small Cobs                $14/kg                        $11.97

425g Squash                                  $9/kg                          $3.82

777g Capsicum                              $9/kg                          $6.99

420g Purple Beans                      $18/kg                         $7.56

1305g Zucchini                             $9/kg                           $11.75

954g Eggplant                              $8/kg (non organic) $7.63

1140g Lebanese Cucumber        $5/kg (non organic)  $5.95

700g Beetroot                               $9/kg                           $6.30

808g Carrots                                 $6/kg                           $4.85

30g Herbs                                                                            $3

12.3kg Produce (Equivalent $4.06/kg)      TOTAL: $118.11


Wow, I hadn’t realised the price difference would be so huge!

Organic Dried Fruit/Nuts/Seeds/Flours

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As many of you know, we supplement out produce range with some organic dried fruit, nuts, seeds, oils and sometimes flours.

Some of these items, like coconut sugar and pepitas have been selling out fast lately! We’re looking at ordering in more organic pantry items like these soon and we’re open to suggestions. What would you like to see in our web store?

It’s been a while since we’ve had dried fruit, so I’m considering giving organic figs a go. The wholesaler we deal with has a huge variety and if there’s something you’d like to be able to buy through us (and we keep the prices as reasonable as we can), then leave a comment or contact us and let us know your suggestions.

Elderberry and Zanzibar Gem and Caramelised Onion Relish

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Surplus. It’s something we experience now and then on the farm.

A while back Rick harvested a row of tropea long red onions, which I’ve been enjoying, as for so long onions were the one veg item I still had to buy at the markets! Tropea’s don’t keep as long as traditional varieties, but they do far better in our Toowoomba climate than standard onions. So once harvested, they have a shorter shelf life and to make sure we avoided waste, I made several batches of organic Caramelised Onion Relish. There’s more than we can use ourselves, so it’s been for sale at the farm gate. I’m not going to worry about listing it on the website, but if you’re making an order and would like some, just request it in the comments box of your order. Or email me. it’s $7.50 a jar (approx 380g). The only comparable onion relish I could find that was organic was $12 for 280g!

And Elderberry plants! About 2 years ago we planted 3 elderberry plants around our house tank. Apparently they like it there, as one day I walked out to find about 12 suckers that the mother plants had sent out. So they were potted and tended for several months until they took root, and now they’re available for $10ea. Same deal, they’re available at the farm gate, or you can request one in the comments box of your order. The flowers and berries are wonderful for medicinal remedies and wines. We’ve really enjoyed the elderflower wine. Rick usually isn’t interested in home ferments, but he got stuck into that one!

Some of you may have read the post I wrote a while back about our thriving Zanzibar Gem. When my sister, a horticulturist, told us about how they propagate them at the TAFE and they’re SO slow growing, we didn’t expect to see much change in ours. They’re known for needing almost no attention and infrequent watering. We decided to water it more often, fertilise with organic fish emulsion and it was also exposed to a lot of Classic FM in our loungeroom…and it’s thrived! I’ve had to upgrade the pot twice, and recently have taken cuttings from the original which are now potted up in Rick’s compost (mineral mix) and available for sale. They’re $10ea ($40 at Bunnings) It’s a wonderful plant for indoor air filtration, and looks pretty cool too.

Has anyone else had a zanzibar gem that’s defied the rules? ūüôā

Easter Opening Hours

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Oops, should have posted these hours sooner!

We had a lovely couple of days off on Friday and Saturday, and are now open today (Easter Sunday) and tomorrow (Easter Monday) from 11am-6pm.

In addition to the produce listed on the web store, we also have yellow-flesh watermelons and some butternut pumpkins. Stock is limited on these, so they won’t be listed online. Just ask us if you’d like one.

Rain at Last!

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Hi ūüôā

As you may have noticed on the web store, the range of produce is dwindling! There’s lots of crops out there, but until yesterday, we’d had no rain this year. So though we irrigate and the crops are plodding along, they haven’t been able to thrive. Yesterdays storm brought 14mm. A nice start.

The lack of rain isn’t just affecting the crops, it also affects the animals. Our sheep have eaten out their cell, so I let them out into the house yard the other day, completely intending to put them back soon….but I forgot and they ate most of our upcoming lettuce crop. Oops.

And the ducks/chickens…the laying has cut right back! So many birds, so few eggs. But Cinnamon, one of our bantams who was laying, just hatched 5 little chicks, as pictured. So cute, but it’s ducks we’re wanting to breed, not more chooks! And bantams at that (Rick thinks their little eggs are a waste of time). The children are excited though, they love babies.

Rick’s had some contract work happening, so farm work is minimal. But that’s a good thing while we’re waiting on more rain. When the range picks up again, Rick is wanting to add another delivery slot to our week. He goes into town every Wednesday morning to deliver to a restaurant, and could do a few home deliveries right after that (in Toowoomba, after 9:30am Wednesdays). So keep an eye on the website, he plans to add the delivery option as an item that you add to your cart.

I also have a contact in Harristown who already runs a fruit co-op and is willing to be a pickup point for orders. So if you’re in that area and are interested, let me know.

Enjoy your week,



Organic Cacao Butter On Special this Week

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What a lovely weekend it’s been! Seven of us homeschool mums went and had a weekend at the Bunya Mountains together. And many of them are on various dietary restrictions, so the food was very healthy and wholesome! One mum looked at our menu and joked that it looked more like a health retreat ūüôā

I took along some chamomile and salted caramel bars…totally grain and dairy free…and delicious. One of the ingredients in the ‘caramel’ portion is cacao butter, which provides a lovely set.

I know ingredients like this are pricey, so this week organic unrefined cacao butter is on special for $25/kg (you need to buy a full kilo to access this price). It’s great for homemade chocolate and desserts that need a butter like this to form a good set. Herbal chocolate mousse cake is another good example. It’s also used in some soaps and homemade cosmetics.

Be inspired ūüôā