Healthy Soil=Healthy Crop

Insects, are natures clean-up crew for plants that are not fit for higher forms of Life. If insects are attacking a crop, and the crop can’t recover, it’s because of some form of stress stimuli that’s root is likely seasonal or nutrition based. A in a healthy ecosystem all insect have there place – the pests are beneficial insect and bird food. Some of the reasons a crop could be lost or ave severe degradation in production include;

  • It was planted in the wrong season.
  • It followed a non-beneficial rotation.
  • Nutrients are not available, either because there not their or because the beneficial microbes are too few or inactive.
  • Soil doesn’t have the right microbes.
  • Too much nitrogen in the soil, plant sends out signals calling in the pests.
  • Not enough oxygen in the soil, leading to anaerobic conditions.
  • Paramagnatism is too low so the plants can’t photosynthesis in midday sun.
  • No perennial nature zone within short distance – predatory insects and birds need a safe habitat near the crop. They will go out and feed on pest insects.
  • Soil moisture inconsistent – not enough humus and microbes in the soil to buffer the moisture levels.
  • Beneficial insects are knocked out regularly each season and don’t breed up as quickly as pest insects.
  • Crop seed has poor genetics

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