Local Nutritionally Dense Farm-Gate Produce


From paddock to plate in one day – Birdsong Market garden office in season Farmgate organic produce 5 minutes from Wilsonton. Catering to the needs of people who want local food that is local, fresh and nutritionally value added.

The farming method at Birdsong is principally inspired by Jean Martin Fortier from Qubec with his 1.5 acre intensive farm model, Dr Joel Wallach with his findings that mineral deficiencies are the cause of all natural deaths, and William Albrecht the soil scientist who formulated the ideal soil mineral balance.

The farmed area is about an acre, on clay loam black soil on the north boundary of Toowoomba. The system uses an 800mm wide crop bed, 400mm path, and each bed is 20-25m long. 1-8 crops are rotated in succession in each bed, in a beneficial cycle. Hand tools are the tools of the trade for high quality urban farmed produce.

Small scale and diverse and direct to the customer food to be produced more sustainable and and of much better quality then if one were to go through the multi-level distribution systems offered by supermarkets or even produce stores. Food isn’t grown here for shelf life and a beguiling façade appearance of freshness. There farmers here are not getting ripped of, and neither are the customers. I don’t have a tractor I jump into and spray the life out of the crop every time something moves.


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