High Efficiency Market Garden Tools

Over the next couple of years I have a strong interest in developing more efficient tools for market gardening. A lot of tools are expensive or just haven’t been developed, or are not available to Australians. I plan on developing my own tools where required for my own use and I would like to make them available for people who want to farm as efficiently as possible with low capital hand t0ols. Check the tool store for what is available. I expect the first tools to become available from summer 2017.

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  • Nicholas C Franz says:

    Hi guys,
    first time on your site, found it through a google search for market garden tools.
    The urban farm tools page says to checkout the tool page…. there is none.
    the veggie garden link, links to a blank page.
    I used the search option and tools which listed a link to the tool shop but that also links to a blank page.
    Just thought you might like to know.
    kind regards,

    ps. I tried to send this first through your contact page but it came up with a error

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