Chicken/Duck Feed, 20kg, Country Heritage Feeds, Certified Organic OPO15M20 18% Protein


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This is the feed we’ve been using for about a year now. We’ve tried a variety of different feeds in the past, both organic and not. Both dedicated duck feeds and others. I’ve never before come across a feed that our ducks have so consistently laid on. Chicken hens are much easier to keep happy, but if you keep ducks, you likely know what it’s like trying to find the balance that encourages more eggs!

OPO15-M20 is certified organic, locally produced, 18% protein and even now, in the middle of winter, we’ve got all our hens laying, and 30% of our ducks laying. In warmer seasons it’s been closer to all the ducks laying. NOTE: a particular feed alone is not going to instantly produce more eggs. We also free-range our birds, offer them greens and give them a very low-stress environment.

We’re selling this feed in 20kg bags, and I can now deliver with your veg order.

To use: This feed is more powdery than you may be used to. We find it best to scoop portions into buckets, add water to cover the grain, and let soak for at least a few hours before feeding. You don’t have to do this, but it is definitely the preferred method for our flock.

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