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This Week at Birdsong

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Good Morning,
How are you all coping with the weather? We have not often been able to harvest between the rain and the slush that it creates in the market garden. We’ve yet to see what crop damage has been done.
This kind of weather even also means that farmers down the valley, where some of the organic produce that we buy in comes from, can’t harvest. So, there is the likelihood of a shortage on things like root vegetables in the coming weeks.
The Kin Kin Naturals cleaning products are listed online now. We have 5L options, and the 2.5kg dishwasher powder (which is said to do 160 loads). If anybody is interested in 20L drums of the laundry liquid or dishwashing liquid, we can arrange that. But we won’t be keeping the 20L drums in stock.
Wednesday 18th May, 1-2pm for orders $50+ in Toowoomba. Please place your orders by Tuesday night.
Friday 20th May, 12:30-2pm for orders $50+ in Toowoomba. Please place your orders by Thursday night.
Thank you for returning preserving jars, large glass jars, waxed boxes and plastic crates.
Thank you for supporting Birdsong.